5 YEARS IK – ART IN THE RESIDENCY /// Opening Sunday 4 September, 12:00

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5 YEARS IK – ART IN THE RESIDENCY /// Opening Sunday 4 September, 12:00

5 YEARS IK – ART IN THE RESIDENCY On Sunday 4 September at 12 P.M. IK Foundation will celebrate the fifth anniversary of the IK Pavilions. You and your guests are cordially invited to join us for the festive opening of the jubilee exhibition with book launch. The Royal Commissioner in Zeeland Mr. Drs. J. […]

IKEA Art Event 2016: Art Photography Limited Collection Poster

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IKEA Art Event 2016: Art Photography Limited Collection Poster

Starting in April 2016 a limited collection poster of Tanya Long’s work is available for sale at IKEA. It is part of the IKEA Art Event 2016: Art Photography collection. It looks great in a black IKEA frame! Check out the video below to hear Tanya discuss her work.

Stichting IK (IK Foundation) presents Tanya Long at Id.New Talents 2015

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Id.New Talents International Day of New Talents of Art 21st of May 2015 Id.New Talents links and presents the institutions and initiatives dedicated to the advancement of young artists. The Id.New Talents is a day, a growing network and a platform for institutions supporting new talents of art. Each year on the 21st of May […]


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Stichting IK (IK Foundation) will participate in the We Like Art exhibition at Art Rotterdam with multiples by Tanya Long, Jean-Marc Spaans and Jan van Munster on view and for sale. We Like Art Art for under € 1.500,- For first time art buyers and bargain hunters this year there is –after the success of […]

HYPER /// Stichting IK /// Opening Sunday 26 October, 12:00

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Tanya Long has been the guest artist on IK-island since September. The IK Foundation (Stichting IK) warmly invites you to the opening of her final presentation, HYPER, on Sunday 26 October at 12:00 in the K-pavilion. Thomas Bakker was Tanya’s MFA teacher at the Academy of Art and Design St Joost and a guest artist […]

Young Art Night /// Van Abbemuseum /// Saturday 6 September, 21:00 – 02:00

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Tanya Long will exhibit work at Young Art Night

IK Paviljoen /// 1 Sep – 26 0ct 2014 /// Oost-Souburg, Zeeland, NL

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IK Paviljoen /// 1 Sep – 26 0ct 2014 /// Oost-Souburg, Zeeland, NL

Tanya Long has been selected via the Mondriaan Fund to be the next artist in residence at IK Paviljoen (the I Pavilion) in Oost Souburg, Zeeland, NL. The “I” building is a live / work space and the “K” building is a work / exhibition space. The pavilion is located on IK Island, which belongs […]

Vouw /// 22 juni – 3 augustus 2014 /// SBK KNSM, Amsterdam

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Het zijn kunstwerken uit verschillende disciplines zoals schilderijen, grafiek, fotografie en sculpturen. Naast kunstwerken uit onze eigen SBK collectie worden er kunstwerken in consignatie getoond van Tanya Long, Sibylle Eimermacher, Dik Scheepers en Gareth Nyandoro. SBK Amsterdam KNSM Galerie 23 KNSM-laan 307-309 1019 LE Amsterdam +31 (0)20 620 13 21 Open: din – vrij 10.00 […]

In de Lijn van de Vouw /// 25 mai – 22 juni 2014 /// SBK Amsterdam Zuid

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De tentoonstelling is samengesteld met kunstwerken uit verschillende disciplines: werken op doek, op papier, fotografie, grafiek, sculpturen en wandobjecten. De expositie presenteert een combinatie van werk uit de kunstuitleen (uit de SBK-collectie) en kunstwerken in consignatie uit de galerie. Werk uit de SBK-collectie van o.a.: Tije Domburg, Ine Lamers, Luc Veger, Auke Vleer, C. Pieterson, […]